The Ötztal has many year-round highlights, both in summer and in winter. Each season showcases unique beauty. This means there are plenty of opportunities to experience the mountains and explore the best of the Ötztal. Countless natural attractions make for a holiday to remember. The Ötztal is also renowned for its atmosphere of calm, relaxation, and harmony. Engage in the sauna ritual to revive, relax, and regenerate your body, spirit, and mind, and to open your senses for a special experience. Exquisite fragrances and our atmosphere of calm inspire you to simply enjoy being. Listen to your body and revel in the moment. At Hotel habicher hof, you are invited to dive into a soothing world of wellbeing in our in-house sauna, infrared cabin, or calming relaxation room in the heart of the picturesque Ötztal. Our wellness offers can best be enjoyed after vigorous activities, such as an extensive hike or an adventurous day out on the slopes. Let go and unwind, treat your body and soul to the break they deserve, and round off your sauna with a gentle swim in our exclusive panorama pool. If you are interested in upgrading your wellness experience with a professional massage, we are happy to advise you about our offers.

Feeling great in a top location. Dive into our exclusive spa holiday offers.