Our panoramic pool is embedded in the unspoilt nature of the Ötztal Alps like a natural mountain lake. The water is as clear as a crystal, waiting to revive your body and soul. Extra-large windows draw in the sunlight, flooding the indoor section with natural daylight, while you can inhale the fresh Alpine air on the outside. The only difference between the pool in our spa hotel in the Ötztal and an Alpine lake is the water temperature. In our spa hotel with pool in the Ötztal, you enjoy pure water at a pleasant 30 degrees Celsius temperature in the indoor pool and 34 degrees in the outdoor pool, whereas most mountain lakes are only suitable for hardcore swimmers. Enjoy swimming your own pace, whether you are looking for an energising water workout or a gentle swim with a view. From the new 25-metre outdoor pool with whirl-loungers and sweeping views you can swim to the indoor part of the pool. Active pleasures, relaxing joy. We complete the soothing experience in our spa hotel in the Ötztal with indulgence in our sauna landscape, the luxurious relax rooms, our Activity & Balance Program and our recreational treatments.


Pool with a view

A delightful swim. A magnificent mountain backdrop.

Bathing in our outdoor pool, water and mountains blend to create a unique experience. Touched by the warm water you take in the magnificent panorama. Whether you are softly kissed by shimmering snowflakes or glistening sunshine. Our tip: Visit our pools right before sunset, when the mountains and surrounding landscapes glisten in bright hues of red and orange.


Indoor and Outdoor Pool in Oetz

Indulgence indoor or outdoor. Warmth and easiness.

The water of our pools is shimmering in the sunshine. And even the mountains use the surface as a mirror. You can enjoy the warm temperature of 30° C of the indoor pool and 34° C of the outdoor pool area. Dip into your wellness experience and feel free. 25 metres length provide for suitable swim training space.


Panorama pool at the Hotel Oetz

A stopover, recreational space, place of energy.

Our pool can be so much. An individual place of rest or recreation. For some it is a revitalizing area after an active hiking tour in the mountains. Or a place to warm up after an exciting ski day. Workout space for swimmers and stopover between outdoor adventures. Vantage point and recreational area for indulgence seekers. But whatever it is for you: Take your time. Time for you. Time to relax.

A delightful swim. A magnificent mountain backdrop. And in between: you.

Spend relaxing days of well-being in best location with our holiday offers.