Hotel habicher hof is a place to unwind. To foster the connection of body and soul. To get to know and find yourself. To ground and balance yourself. The holistic approach of our treatments is dedicated to your physical, emotional and mental well-being. Due to the treatments, tailor-made to your body’s needs, you will experience transformational effects.

For a radiant look
Intensive care and natural luminosity to the skin.

The natural essences used for our facials, are selected according to the needs of your skin. They ideally cleanse and nourish your skin, rejuvenate your look and give your relaxation. Pure, active ingredients, blending nature with science. Sustainably produced essences of Gertraud Gruber for a tailor-made treatment of your skin and visible effects.

A small and individual facial for him or her with beauty care products of Gertraud Gruber. No matter if you want to deeply clean your skin, pamper it with optimal hydration or feel invigorated – we treat you, tailor-made to the needs of your skin and according to your wishes.

50 minutes
€ 80,00

The treatment is highly effective for young skin. We offer skin type specific deep cleansing effects and natural care with essential ingredients for healthy, clear skin with an even complexion.

50 minutes
€ 80,00

Intensively nourished skin due to intensive PHYTO care and the use of selected natural products. Natural aromas, herbs and phyto hormones take effect immediately and give you a vital look and a deep sense of well-being.

Phyto ANTI-AGE with lifting effect for a more even complexion of dry, matured skin 
Phyto SENSITIVE soothes and nourishes sensitive skin
Phyto CLEARING stabilizes the production of sebum and gives you a vital look  

80 minutes
€ 105,00

Thanks to the Hydro Wellness Plus method you will enjoy a wonderful treatment for your skin. Feel fresh and enjoy the lifting effect. Enhanced by a tender relax massage, the skin can optimally absorb the high concentration of algae essentials. The combination of algae, olive, lapacho and green tea is massaged into your skin, offering a revitalizing effect and regulating your skin’s hydration. Evening primrose oil and shea butter improve the elasticity of your skin.

50 minutes | ca. 80 minutes
€ 80,00 | € 110,00

Treat yourself to some luxury with this extraordinary treatment according to the Symphony Method. We can improve the health and condition of your skin – deeply relaxing with long-lasting effects. Enjoy a soothing massage with lifting effect. We smooth the skin, leaving your complexion glowing.

80 minutes
€ 115,00

With the natural power of the Alpine Rose Authentique Method and a massage we activate your cells‘ metabolism and improve the vitality of your skin. Innovative stem cell products target tired skin and can prolong the life of your skin cells. Let go, relax and enjoy. Treat your skin with natural care.

80 minutes
€ 120,00
Our beauty treatments
Holistic well-being and a treat for your body

Beauty comes from within. We underline and emphasize your natural beauty and pamper you with soothing treatments. Giving you an indulgent experience for your hands, feet or face. Every day your body is top-performing. Especially in your holidays you should treat it with some well-earned relaxation, stimulating the senses and relaxing the mind.

Eyebrow & eyelash tinting and shaping

25 minutes | € 35,00

Upper lip
10 minutes per treatment | € 15,00

20 minutes per treatment | € 30,00

Half leg (lower)
30 minutes per treatment | € 45,00

Full Leg
50 minutes per treatment | € 75,00



With nail polish naturell or hand massage

50 minutes | € 60,00

With nail polish naturell or hand massage

50 minutes | € 60,00

Body treatments at Hotel habicher hof
Health is a state of complete harmony of body, mind and spirit.

Already the ancient Romans knew that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Especially today it is of importance to give yourself the time and space you crave from your hectic life. Treat your body to a pampering experience with our body treatments. Stimulating massages, soothing the tense spots and providing new energy can be enjoyed by all our guests – old and young.

including salt scrub and body wrap

The invigorating massage, salt scrub and body wrap take you on a relaxing journey. A soothing well-being ritual for expecting mothers.

50 minutes
€ 90,00

Vitality massage after active days.

25 minutes | 50 minutes
€ 45,00 | € 80,00

Partial massage of back, neck, shoulders & head.

25 minutes | 50 minutes
€ 45,00 | € 80,00

A relaxing and soothing massage to improve the lymphatic drainage. Excessive water depots in the tissue can be drained better.

50 minutes
€ 80,00

By stimulating the reflexology points, we improve the energy flow in your body. The application of pressure activates the connections between the body parts and inner organs. 

50 minutes
€ 80,00

A pampering full body massage with precious essential oils.

25 minutes | 50 minutes | 80 minutes with singing bowls
€ 50,00 | € 90,00 | € 110,00

The vibrations of the singing bowls touch certain vibrational frequencies in your body and balance your cells. Thereby they reduce stress and help you find physical and mental well-being. The vibrations stay in your body for 7 days.  For this treatment you can stay dressed.

50 minutes
€ 80,00

We also pamper our little guests with big dreams. An essential oil massage nourishing young skin with oils of your choice.

25 minutes | 40 minutes with singing bowls
€ 40,00 | € 55,00
Rituals for holistic well-being
A true sense of relaxation for body, mind and spirit – habicher hof rituals.

Get away from the stresses of the everyday. Treat yourself to a pampering ritual, that stimulates body, mind and soul at the same time. The experienced hands of our spa team nourish your body with selected natural essences. Experience unique recreational effects. Plunge into a world of sensual conceptions and find inner balance. Find peace of mind and restore equilibrium to melt away tensions.

We offer you a detoxifying ritual for holistic effects. We focus on the diversion of toxins by improving the cleansing effect of lymph stimulation. The tender touches balance and harmonize your nerval system. The soft brushes improve the transportation of lymph fluid in your body due to the Alpine Balance-Method and have a purifying effect. Natural care made of selected Alpine flowers like arnica, gentian, yarrow and Alchemilla provide holistic well-being. Far from stress, hectic and the worries of the everyday.

Including massage brushes, salt exfoliation, shower and body wrap.

80 minutes
€ 130,00

The holistic approach of AYURSAN® combines the philosophy of „Nourishing Health Care Products“ with selected Ayurveda elements. Starting with a warm oil the Marma vitality points between your brow and décolleté are stimulated by applying pressure. Your body’s energy flow takes place on these meridians, sending out positive signals to create a sense of inner peace. Dosha care products – according to the needs of your skin – make your skin look smooth and vital.

80 minutes
€ 120,00

The holistic approach of AYURSAN® combines the philosophy of „ Nourishing Health Care Products“ with selected Ayurveda elements. Starting with the Garshan, a dry massage with raw silk gloves, makes your skin receptible for the nourishing ingredients of the body oil. The oil is massaged into your skin with the Abhyanga technique. The Marma vitality points are stimulated. Enjoy the fragrance of essential oils like, rose, sandal wood or Ylang Ylang, promoting a sense of freshness and relaxation and providing new energy. The massage has relaxing and detoxifying effects.

80 minutes
€ 120,00