We don’t know how to describe it, this feeling everyone experiences when hiking through the Ötztal. It’s the feeling you get as your heart opens more and more with every metre you gain in height. Maybe it’s due to the high mountain air, or the scent of fresh Alpine herbs. Maybe it is due to all the happy people you encounter on your way, at the summit cross, or in one of the traditional mountain huts. What is certain, however, is that there is no other place where there are as many mountains exceeding 3,000 metres as in the Ötztal. The valley counts 250 peaks at 3,000 metres and higher, as well as 1,600 kilometres of walking paths taking you to the most beautiful spots in the region. Hike to experience this heightened sense of happiness during your holiday with us in the Ötztal. We have hiking routes for all levels, ranging from gentle walks through the valley along historic waal paths, exciting theme trails and adventure paths for kids provided by Almzeit in Sölden, to challenging treks to towering mountain peaks and across wild glaciers. With the Ötztal Inside Summer Card and Hotel habicher hof, you can also participate in informative, guided tours and use all mountain lifts as well as public transport facilities in the Ötztal for free.

If you are longing for the mountains, there is only one cure: pack your walking boots and backpack and book your room at Hotel habicher hof in the Ötztal.

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