We can rely on the quality of the ingredients for our gourmet cuisine, as we personally know the farmers and suppliers of the produce. Most of them have been our partners for many years. We have seen where the corn grows, have watched the dustbathing of the chickens.  Visited the fishes in the pond and the cows in the stables. Because most of the ingredients we use, come from the region. Our chefs love to use as much locally sourced food as possible to create imaginative dishes and authentic taste. Tempting, fresh and pure. Brimming with flavour – without long transportation. Try them for yourself and taste the difference. Yoghurt, milk and farmer’s butter are from the Reaß’n farm, Oetz; eggs and potatoes come from the organic farm Griesserhof, Oetz or from Faerbers farm of the Strigl family; fresh fish from Ötztaler Quellfische of the Mrak family, Längenfeld; the bakery Rudigier supplies us with fresh bread and pastries; our organic tea comes from South Tyrol; most of the beef is from local farmers in the Ötztal; venison is hunted in autumn by your host or other Ötztal hunters. Of course, we also make a lot of things by hand and treat you with cakes and pastries from our own confectionary heiner. Savour the Ötztal flavour!

„Gastronomy is the art of using food to create happiness.“ Theodore Zeldin

Savour the pure flavour of the Ötztal valley – with our vitality board