café heiner is connected to the village of Oetz in the same way that the mountains are connected to the Ötztal. One cannot be imagined without the other. Ever since it opened, our café has been known beyond the Ötztal for its excellent selection of cakes and other sweet temptations. We even make our own ice-cream. This makes for a special treat on sunny days. Our sun-drenched panorama terrace is the perfect place to unwind, indulge, and observe the vibrant village life amid majestic mountains, deep forests, and luscious meadows, and only 1,500 metres from your hotel habicher hof. In addition to our tempting dessert specialities from our own pâtisserie, we

also offer a vast selection of Italian delights, such as traditional antipasti and indulgent pizzas, various soups, local delicacies, and international classics. Younger guests love our new playground, which is adjacent to our panorama terrace. This ensures that your kids are always in sight while you savour a coffee and soak in the atmosphere. Now you can also conveniently park your e-bike at one of our charging stations and charge it for your ride home. We have state-of-the-art charging stations from Yamaha, Bosch, and Shimano. To learn more about our e-bike charging service and other offers, please visit our website here

café heiner not only has tradition, but also excellent cakes, homemade ice-cream, and a welcoming ambience.

The heavenly cake creations by heiner are also available to enjoy at
Hotel habicher hof, where a first-class holiday experience awaits.