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It's time for
new beginnings.
Our conversion begins

Today, the time is finally come and we are allowed to start the renovation of our habicher hof with full of energy and pleasure.
The demolition work inside the hotel as well as in the area of the swimming pool is progressing rapidly.
Our green outdoor area also has to give way to create space for the excavation.

Our swimming pool is not
recognizable anymore.
We build space for new things

Three weeks after the beginning of our conversion, only minimal details of the old swimming pool are still visible.
But don't worry. Here we are creating space for something new and unique. Here you will find peace.

The first walls
are up.
Our habicher hof is growing

From week to week you can see the progress of the reconstruction.
You can already see the floor slab and walls of the first floor of the new annex.

We would love to present you the finished annex already. But: Good things take time!

It is progressing.
Welcome in our hotel

After another three weeks and another snowfall in the Ötztal, our new entrance and the ski and golf depot are already taking shape.

We are already looking forward to welcome you here with a smile!

Excellent views and happiness.
Our new living spaces

This is where our new suites are created - with breathtaking mountain panorama. Not long now, then you can enjoy our new living spaces with excellent views.

We are already very excited to give our new suites unique personalities! So that you can feel comfortable from the first moment.

It's cocktail time.
Your first cocktail

Our renovation is in full swing and you can now already see premises.

Here is our new cocktail terrace - a meeting place of coziness. Enjoy your first drink after a comfortable sauna session or a pleasant treatment in our new spa area!

Our gym.
Sweating with a beautiful view

This is our new gym!

It is a great concern for us that also our sporty guests do not miss out.
Our room for strength and cardio is equipped with high quality cardio equipment as well as weight machines and a free dumbbell area!

We welcome you.
Our new entrance area

After a few weeks, the first windows are now installed and the entrance area is taking more and more shape.

We are already looking forward to welcome you here in our new entrance area!

The house stands.
Topping-out ceremony

The time has come: The house with our 21 new suites has been built and the topping-out ceremony has taken place. The days are counted until we may finally welcome you in our new habicher hof. Until November we are working with full energy and commitment to be able to spoil you all around.

Space to feel good.
Pure wellness feeling

This is where our new textile area is being built. Not long now, then you may relax your soul right here and spend relaxing hours.
We are very busy to create a perfect place to relax and find peace for you.

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