habicher hof unites everything, that is necessary for your well-being and relaxation. We are committed to creating amenities that suit your needs and provide holistic well-being. Combining healthy, delicious cuisine with places of power to breathe deep. Pampering your body and soul with the ultimate state of relaxation. Find inner balance and connect your body, mind and soul.

For your body
For your soul
A healthy body
Consciously focus on your body’s needs.

We believe that activities maximize your physical and mental well-being. Therefore, we have created a holistic concept for your well-being. Our everyday lives are often full of hectic and stress, making it necessary to take a break every now and then. Holidays are the best moment to take some time to listen to your body’s needs. Do, whatever is good for you. Some relax in the tranquillity of nature, while others regain energy and power by activities. Focus on pleasing yourself and choose a suitable offer.

The light-flooded fitness room with state-of-the art machines is the perfect setting for your workout. Featuring all machines that are needed for effective cardiovascular or strength training: treadmill, ergometer, elliptical machine, half rack, barbell with free weights, leg adductor and abductor, chest press, shoulder press, dumbbells with free weights, bench.

Toni Innauer, legendary former Austrian ski jumper, winner of the Winter Olympics, trainer of the Austrian Ski Federation, is inventor of the “12 Tiroler” exercises. According to his concept we train body and soul. Inspired by 12 animals typically living in Austria. Everyday life often takes place in a seated position in front of screens or in the car. The lack of exercise and self-perception causes a decrease in the quality of life. These exercises are created to counteract this development.

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60 minutes
€ 15,00 per person | € 75,00 personal training

Let the energy flow – pure and clean. Yoga is a workout that balances body, mind and soul. Special exercises allow us to feel our unity with the cosmos. At habicher hof we do yoga for your physical and mental well-being, to enhance the quality of life and to harmonize body and soul. A healthy outside starts from the inside. So, confide in your breath. Find inner balance. Be in the here and now.

60 minutes
€ 15,00 per person | € 75,00 personal training

Find calm by activity. Meditation nurtures you mind like exercise nourishes your body. By deep relaxation we reduce stress and negative emotions, increase self-awareness. Our mind becomes clear and more focused. We are more balanced. Give your body time to relax. Meditation has been proofed to enhance your health, happiness and performance. This meditation practice is especially suitable for meditation beginners, to find inner peace by activity.

30 minutes
€ 10,00 pro Person

60 minutes
€ 15,00 per person | € 75,00 personal training

A strong mind
Finding calm and clarity. Feeling strong and free.

Inner balance should be our natural state, but most of us are distracted by busy lives and stress. We have to break free from the worries of the everyday and listen to our body and mind. Get to know our individual wishes. We support you on your way to inner balance. Our activities and offers focus on your physical and mental well-being. Creating harmony by taking time out to quieten your mind and body.

In our ever-changing world it has become more and more important to take a break sometimes and find your peace of mind. Music is a healing power. Sing along with us in different languages from all over the world. Help you mind to free of background chatter and calm your nervous system. Connect with your roots, your heart and feel the power of Mantra. Three voices, many instruments, powerful songs, special places – be in the moment. Find holistic well-being.

60 minutes | € 30,00 per person

With systemic constellation work, dynamics and patterns become visible that influence our actions, our thinking and our behaviour. By recognising and releasing disturbing energies, external influences and blockages, we can step by step achieve inner balance and thus be at one with ourselves again.

You can find more information at www.seieins.at.

€ 150,00 per unit