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The hotel for connoisseurs in in the Ötz Valley

The taste of Tyrol!

We have special secrets in store for you when you try the cuisine on offer at our family-run establishment: experience moments of sheer indulgence and incomparable, authentic taste sensations. Enjoy light, home-cooked cuisine, where   sophisticated culinary tricks are continuously redefined. We only use carefully selected local ingredients, which are refined through the flair and talents of our top chef, Michael and his team’s love and passion. You will be able to taste the difference. Guaranteed.

Fine wines and unique dishes.

Whether enjoyed alone or in good company, nothing goes quite so well with our outstanding dishes as our excellent, top quality Austrian wines, which are popular both abroad and at home in Austria.

Crisp, fruity, fresh or mild, strong or full-bodied, with a long finish and a delicate bouquet – we can serve you the best accompanying wine for every single one of our dishes because the right wine can turn good food into a complete experience for all of the senses. Our team at our gourmet hotel in the Ötz valley would be pleased to help you make the perfect wine selection.

Our gourmet full-board package includes:

  • An extensive breakfast buffet with a bio corner and regional products
  • In the afternoon you can enjoy a small traditional-style snack, known as a “Jausen“ as well as a selection of cakes from our in-house patisserie, “Heiner”.
  • Each evening begins with our large selection of appetisers and salads, followed by a choice of 4 different menus.
  • We will indulge you each week with different themed buffets